Who we are .

Incorporated in 2011, True Colors print is engaged in the printing, production and designing aspect of the digital textile industry.

We take pride in educating the Indian market about the advantages a digital printing machine has over the conventional machines – whereby there is less pollution, less wastage of water, reduced manpower and cost, increased accuracy and precision of work.

Designing is the core of our business. We have a strong team of brilliant designers who create exclusive and unique designs for our customers everyday. Our customer is our king and customer satisfaction is what keeps us going. We also have qualified 24/7 in house engineers ensuring smooth operations in our production.

True Colors Print has made its mark as a manufacturer and exporter of digital printed fabrics. We print on different kinds of fabrics from polyester to cotton. Customer satisfaction is of utmost importance to us. To ensure that, quality – assurance and time management is the key aspect of our work policy. Over the years, we have established ourselves as a leading name in the digital textile industry.

True Colors Print started off as a small firm with only 4 members who came together, while pursuing graduation, to bring about a dramatic change in the Indian textile industry. Our founders are the reason behind the grit and the glory, making a shift from the traditional ‘mills’ to advanced digital printing technique. Today, we are a firm with over 200 members, including women, with a 20,000+ metre per day production.


Our vision is to be recognised as a leading name globally in the field of digital printing along with utmost customer satisfaction. We dream to do the unachievable and strive for success and goodwill in every project we take on.


To follow the philosophy of excellence and outstanding work,  match and exceed our customers expectations and to serve premium quality products and services.


Quality Check

We undertake thorough quality check from the procurement of the raw materials to the delivery of the final product. We aspire to be known for our quality and have trained staff for detailed inspection of the quality at every step. Our motto is to serve the best products that they deserve.

One Stop Solution

As we have successfully adapted vertical integration, we take pride in addressing ourselves as a one stop solution for all our customer needs. We have the resources, capabilities and connections to deliver the best product and guarantee customer satisfaction.

Excellent track record

We believe that actions speak louder than words and thus, we let our work speak for itself. Over time, we have built and excellent track record in terms of supplying high quality product from the best manufactures in the field. The products are running successfully with minimal service & maintenance.

Effective & efficient

We do not do anything half heartedly. We make sure we put our heart and soul in everything we do, making us highly efficient and effective. By this we mean, we have an effective system is place where we have trained and skilled staff grinding and delivering premium products, with quality assurance and time management as our leading and guiding factors.